Financial Life Advisors (FLA) wants to remain completely objective and independent when providing advice. FLA is making this commitment to remove as many conflicts of interest as possible so as to better serve our clients. Financial Life Advisors does not receive commissions or referral fees on ANY clients we serve.

With Financial Life Advisors you always deal with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional.

When you receive Financial Planning services from Financial Life Advisors, you will be dealing with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional. The CFP® mark is the industry standard for financial planning excellence having the highest education, testing, ethics and continuing education standards in the industry. CFP® professionals are trained in investments, insurance, income tax, retirement planning, estate planning and how all of these areas overlap and interact.

Financial Planning Services

For us to answer the complex questions, we must understand who you are and what you desire to achieve before we can help you plan your financial future. All our client relationships start with a comprehensive financial plan. We analyze your investments, insurance, income tax, estate planning documents and compare them to your financial goals. We make detailed written recommendations and present them to you after that analysis.

We typically quote fees for comprehensive plans on a binding fixed fee basis. The time required to complete each project varies widely based upon individual circumstances but generally, range from $3,000 to $9,000 for a comprehensive plan. Occasionally, we cannot accurately estimate the time involved and will offer an hourly agreement at our internal billings rates of $100-$400 per hour based on the team member involved. A written agreement covers all prices and term prior to the commencement of the agreement.

Ongoing Planning & Asset Management

After completing the comprehensive financial planning process, many clients want us to provide ongoing asset management and planning. We wrap these two services up together in one wealth management fee based on the size of accounts we are managing.

Wealth Management Fee Schedule:

Assets                                                                      Annual Fee

First $1,000,000                                                          1.15%

Next $1,000,000                                                          0.75%

Next $1,000,000                                                        0.65%

Next $2,000,000                                                       0.55%

Remaining assets above $5,000,000              0.35%

The total assets being managed for each client are subject to a minimum monthly asset management fee of $958.33. Accordingly, services may not be appropriate for clients with investment assets of less than $1,000,000.

All of our clients receive a copy of our Form CRSForm ADV Standard Disclosures and Privacy Policy at the outset of our relationship. We also send notification of any updates at least annually. This document outlines all of our business relationships, fee arrangements, and other pertinent information. FLA believes that full disclosure and transparency are important to all financial relationships.


Other Disclosures:

Business Continuity Plan

Institute for the Fiduciary Standard’s Best Practices


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